ACC is pleased to incorporate regular enrichment opportunities as part of our programming.  While we do not take field trips, we arrange for special opportunities to come to ACC. 

We regularly partner with Audubon Science Center in Huntington for regular science programming.  Audubon adapts their programming to fit the forest in our back yard.  We explore our woods and learn about the wild life, nature, and ecosystems or Vermont, and specifically our woods.

We learn songs and sing often.  Children learn different songs, singing, dancing.  The children broaden their understanding of music including, specific music, and instruments.  They also learn that music often makes work and transitions more enjoyable.

We offer movement.  The children have had exposure to yoga, zumba, and dance with a variety of instructors.  Through movement they learn how their body moves, improve coordination and balance and that movement is the key to future health and well being.

The children in the preschool room cook a meal to share with the school each week. They have an expansive menu that includes bread, soup, pancakes, salads, and latkes. 

We plant a garden each year which helps to teach the food cycle first hand. The children also learn important caretaking skills and gain a strong sense of self in growing vegetables and herbs to share with family, friends, and the animals in the woods.

Finally, we invite community members to share their special talents and skills. We have had visits from Governor Douglas, an F-16 Pilot, local and state police, local physicians, a race car driver, the fire department, the Champlain Water District, and the hybrid compost truck to name a few.