ACC recently introduced a Pre-K classroom that supports the next stepping stones to primary school.  Children have an opportunity to work more independently and learn important negotiation and regulation skills.  They work on longer projects that require attention to detail, creativity, and critical thinking.  We read chapter books together, explore music and art, spend time in the wood shop and explore the outdoors.  While we play, we hone our learning so that the children are ready for their next educational step, Kindergarten.

Universal Preschool – Act 166

Ascension Childcare is a long time school district partner and acts as a universal preschool program in Chittenden County. As part of our partnership, we employ two licensed teachers as part of our four person preschool and Pre-K team, we uphold our quality standards, and participate in regular training and conversation with our colleagues in the public education school system.   This open dialogue between our preschool and Pre-K team helps us to understand what the expectations for the children will be moving into their next educational step.  We work with each individual child so they primary school is a natural progression instead of a big leap.  To be sure we are equipping each child with the tools they need to be successful.  We perform regular observation and assessment to help scaffold next steps for each child as they progress in their educational continuum. We observe the Vermont Early Learning Standards that encourage children to prepare for Kindergarten by exploring domains of learning through play and hands on learning opportunities. The spring and summer prior to Kindergarten we finalize transition plans with local school districts. We begin to discuss with children their upcoming move and share stories about their new schools. We supply the classroom with collections of books to help prepare for the new adventure. Upon request from families, we complete enrollment questionnaires from the local schools. Finally, we assist families in preparing for the next steps of their child's journey in learning.