Photo by Ben DeFlorio

Photo by Ben DeFlorio

Photo by Ben DeFlorio

Photo by Ben DeFlorio

The curriculum in the Toddler Room is meant to allow these budding individuals to experiment and learn using all of their senses. We also introduce the children to cooperative play which helps them to realize that they are part of a community. 

Each day we have two blocks of open play that are planned by observing the interests of the children. Activities which include art, sensory play, books, blocks, dramatic play, and manipulative toys are available so that the children can learn through play.

Like in all of our classrooms, children are supported to learn the skills involved in positive interactions. We focus on a number of skills:

  • Children learn how to express their feelings, desires, and thoughts.

  • Children learn how to listen to others.

  • Children learn how to decipher other's feelings and intent.

  • Children learn to experience empathy.

  • Children learn to recognize and expect respect.

  • Children learn negotiation and compromise skills.

  • Children learn to understand and meet expectations of group behavior.

  • Children learn internal controls and developmentally appropriate self regulation.