Our Staff

ACC is fortunate to have experienced and qualified staff. The ACC staff has a 150 years of combined experience in early education. All staff have specialized qualifications ranging from technical degrees, Child Development Associates, and Master, Bachelor, or Associate Degrees in Education, Early Education or Social Work. Each staff member enrolls in at least 30 hours of training annually, so that we stay current and thoughtful in our work. The staff has worked diligently to create guiding principles that put children at the heart of our decision making.  How do our decisions add value to our learning community, and what do we consider when making decisions? The staff has carefully and thoughtfully defined that our work should be guided by honesty, consistency, integrity, professionalism, clear constructive feedback, respect, health and safety, initiative, accountability, and humor all to create a positive learning environment for children.  Each of these guiding values was defined by consensus and are reviewed regularly to support our understanding and commitment to the children and our reflection on how these principles shape our work. We believe that children thrive in predictable, consistent environments. When there is a sense of stability and safety, children can focus on learning and play.  Because of this belief, our staff works in classroom teams of two to three teachers.  Staff is assigned to specific groups of children and pursues specialized training to support the children in their care.   The center employs floaters who work in all three classrooms helping to cover lunches, planning and documentation, and time off.  By having familiar faces in the program for extra coverage, the center has flexibility and consistency in the event of an emergency or staff absence.